Santiago de Compostelo

I have reached Santiago after 30 days, with 28 days of walking! It is a beautiful city, and I entered the cathedral square, the Plaza de Obradoiro, via the Arco Obispo, before entering the cathedral by the magnificent 12th century doorway, the Portico de la Gloria.

A map of Santiago around the cathedral.

Have just arrived at the cathedral!

The entrance to the Pilgrim’s office, where you get your Compostela.

An emotional moment, the receipt of my Compostela!

My Compostela! 🙂

The central column of the Gate of Glory, where people can place their hand to represent the unity between the pilgrim and Jesus Christ.

A close-up of the hand print carved into the column, in which one can place their fingers.

The Tomb of St. James, located under the alter, where his remains, along with those of his disciples St. Athanasius and St. Theodore, are in a silver urn.

The view down the length of the cathedral towards the alter, behind which one can climb some stairs to put your hand on gold scallop shells on the statue of St. James and thereby “fulfil the promise made to St. James to visit his tomb.”

The Cathedral at sunset!

The western facade of the Cathedral’s Gate of Glory. The gable in the centre shows a statue of St. James the Great, with below his two disciples Athanasius and Theodomir, dressed as pilgrims. They are flanking a representation of the tomb of St. James, with above the star that led to
its discovery.

The Rua do Vilar adjacent to the Cathedral, showing the columned buildings lined with shops.


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2 Responses to Santiago de Compostelo

  1. Liz campbell says:

    Beautiful…especially the cathedral at sunset.

  2. Mary says:

    I feel I have been there without the aches and pains!!!

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